2019 Tuition Fees Schedule for Australian Residents

CLASS FULL FEE PER TERM (four terms per year)
Reception (4 year olds, 3 days) (no concession) $1,640
Reception (4 year olds, 2 days) (no concession) $1,130
Infants (Kindergarten - Year 1) $2,565


Sibling Concessions

Second child 10% concession
Third child 25% concession
Further concessions for additional children enrolled
Please note that sibling concessions are counted by the number of children who attend Redfield and/or Tangara at any one time and includes the Curriculum Materials and Activities Levy.

Curriculum Materials & Activities Levy

CLASS FULL FEE PER TERM (four terms per year)
Reception (4 Year old - 3 days) (no concession) $225
Reception (4 Year old - 2 days) (no concession) $150
Infants (Kindergarten - Year 1) $275
This fee combines levies for curriculum materials, small excursions and other educational activities.

Application Fee

$200.00 per family

Entrance Fee

A non-refundable entrance fee of $1,500 is payable within 14 days of parents receiving a Letter of Offer.

Building Levy per term


Capital Loan

Parents are asked to contribute a capital loan for each student of up to $5,500 (Year 2019). Capital loans are refundable at the end of a child’s schooling. A bank loan facility is available for financing the capital loan.

Some adjustments to the fee level can be made should this be necessary, depending on a family’s financial circumstances.

The above fees do not include books, excursions, camps and additional courses.